The Organic Method To Get Rid Of Potato And Tomato Blight

Late blight or potato and tomato blight is the most terrible disease in the garden to which many gardeners are powerless. It severely attacks tomatoes and potatoes, literally, devastating your garden.

But, some gardeners didn’t feel defeated by these fungi, and discover a simple trick to get rid of potato blight.
A widespread opinion is that organic gardening stops when it comes to several diseases, including potato and tomato blight, caused by microscopic mushrooms.

Potato blight justifies some of the toughest treatments with systemic action and systematic application. But there seems to be other solutions, more excited than we would have expected.

A very popular and super effective solution has been discovered, more than 50 years ago, more precisely when pesticides were used frequently.

It has been observed that weekly applications of a solution made of 10-20 % milk and 80-90 % water over the cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, tomatoes and even vineyards yields better results than fungicide treatment.

How to make this organic treatment?
The best way is to prevent, so if you spray it once a week or every 2 weeks it will protect your crops from potato blight.
The water and milk solution is applied with a sprayer over the entire surface of the plants, especially on the leaves, on both sides.
The treatment is done in the second part of the day when the heat disappears.

What type of milk you should use?
Cow milk (you can purchase it from ranchers), preferably fresh and raw, gives the best results.
Also the milk found in supermarkets has remarkable results.

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