How To Water Poinsettia Correctly To Stimulate Blooming

Growing Poinsettia in pots is the best thing you can do. This flower is among the best presents you can offer to someone, such as your mother for example. But, if you are wondering how to care for this gorgeous plant, then my advice is to read this article and learn how to water it correctly, because watering it will cause abundant flowering.

Important: in the month of October you shouldn’t water Poinsettia

Let’s understand how Poinsettia works

1. Poinsettia is a tropical cactus, not a desert one, which is why it doesn’t tolerate the soil to dry completely.
2. However, between watering, the soil must well dry on the surface.
3. When you touch the soil with your fingers and you don’t feel any moisture, it’s time to water the plant.
4. The general rule for Poinsettia says “less water is better than too much water.” Excess of moisture can cause plant rotting.

Watering rules

1. In summer, when the pot is kept out in a warm and dry environment, the plant will be watered every two or three days.
2. During humid periods or when it’s kept indoors, Poinsettia should be watered weekly.
3. In October, Poinsettia shouldn’t be watered at all, to stimulate flower blooming.
4. Watering resumes gradually in November, and after flowers appear, watering will be done weekly.

Careful! Over watering or poor watering will cause plant rooting.
After the blooming ends, Poinsettia plant shouldn’t be watered for 30 days. Watering will be resumed with new growth.

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