How To Over-Winter Geraniums To Enjoy A Blooming Waterfall In Spring

If you love geraniums as much as my grandma, I understand every concern about this plant. That’s why I will share some secrets in caring after geraniums in winter. Of course, my grandma’s secrets, not mine. Note that this method of geranium perpetuation only works for those varieties with vigorous branches with lignification capacity when they reach maturity.

1. Before the first burrow falls, even if there are still a few flowers left, cut all geranium sprouts at 2 or 4 knots (about 10 cm).
2. The old, lignified branches can be shortened to 1 or 2 knots.

Important! To avoid plant contamination with viruses, wash with warm water and wipe with alcohol the tool you use to shorten the sprouts (scissors, knife, blade, etc.) before moving to another plant.

3. Store the pots in cool rooms, near the windows, where the temperature doesn’t drop below 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t exceed 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. After cutting the sprouts, the plant must be watered rarely, just to avoid complete dehydration of the substrate. It’s enough once a month with 100 ml of water.
5. To avoid the appearance of molds or other disease-causing microorganisms, treat the plant with a fungicide or powder the cuts, branches and the substrate with charcoal powder.
6. The rest period of geraniums lasts until the spring, after the danger of frost passes, and they can be taken outdoors again.
7. If they liked how they were treated over the winter, they will reward you again with a blooming waterfall!

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