Moles Are Destroying My Garden! Humane Methods To Put Moles On The Run

Moles are destroying my garden and lawn. These were the words of my colleague today. And I suggest these options for him to protect his beautiful garden because we are gathering at his places for barbeque.

Let it be clear: moles are formidable animals, miracles of nature. Being insectivorous, they drastically reduce the number of pests in the soil. For example, you can get rid of mole crickets, crawfish larvae or other harmful larvae. Their activity is proven and improves soil quality.

Still, they can ruin the lawn, flowers and crops in the vegetable garden. Not to mention if they reach the greenhouse, will be a disaster there, that’s why, most of the time, we should act against them.

What solutions do we have?

1. Electronic sound devices specially designed for this issue seem to have some effectiveness, but there are also challenges.
2. The naphthalene pills placed in the galleries, from place to place, seem to banish them.
3. The corn cobs, dipped in diesel, introduced into the galleries, work like magic in many cases.
4. The carbide pieces, placed in the galleries, and then watered, emit an unbearable gas for moles, which can lead to their intoxication. Pay attention, the gas is highly flammable! Don’t use fire during this operation.
5. Flooding of the galleries brings them to surface in some cases. In the drought, the solution is ineffective, because the water will be absorbed by the soil.
6. Pinwheel, made of plastic film, stick in molehills, seem to be effective. The explanation may be that, with their extremely developed hearing, moles are disturbed by the pinwheel noise.
7. The same effect has the following solution: remove the earth until you reach the gallery. Place over the gallery a ticking clock with a key (those antique Russian ticking clocks). Above the clock, place a pot to amplify the sound.
8. Or you can stick some sticks in the galleries, and put some cans on top of the sticks.
9. Or you can use the hair that remains after combing. Make some peewee hair balls and put it in the galleries. It seems the method is particularly effective!

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