How To Use Meat As Organic Fertilizer For Your Houseplants

Tired in seeing your plants suffering and withering, but using chemical fertilizer isn’t your best option? I know, I don’t like this either, and for this particular reason I use social media to find out some interesting things, such as organic care for your plants.

And I’m telling you, it never been easier to grow houseplants.

When you are planning a steak night, this means that is time to fertilize your plants.
That simple it is! You cook, your family eats and your plants, too!

A natural fertilizer for houseplants, very valuable and handy, passes through your fingers daily.

1. And I’m talking about the water in which you wash the meat!
Careful! The water should be filtered, to remove any remaining meat pieces and blood, because they might decompose in the pot, and the smell is awful.

2. Many indoor plants, including the apartment lemon tree, respond well to this fertilizer.


Feeding houseplants with the water resulting from the washing of the meat must be done occasionally, with careful observation of the plants’ reaction.

The water resulting from the washing of the meat should never be thrown into the sewers, but in the garden.

This fertilizer is a valuable addition, but you shouldn’t exclude fertilizing the substrates with complex fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc.) in accordance with plant requirements.

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