How To Prepare Quail Manure Compost To Fertilize Crops In The Garden

When I heard, I said that this is pretty disgusting, but the properties of bird guano are extremely powerful when it comes to crop fertilization. I saw my grandpa this spring when he was spreading in the garden “bird shit”, and I said why are doing that? Hmm….gardening secrets for garden lovers! It’s the best way to grow organic fruits and vegetables. He hates this chemical technology!

So, learn how to prepare this quail manure compost to fertilize your crops

1. Ideal is to use larger quantities, but you can also prepare smaller quantities, keeping the proportion of 1/4 of quail manure, 3/4 water, per unit volume.
2. For example, in a 200 liter barrel, put 1/4 quail manure, and then fill it with water.
3. Leave it for fermentation for 3-4 days, and then mix until you obtain a mash. Use it in the garden.

How to use it?

1. For vegetables: 500 ml for each plant, every 2 weeks.
2. On fruit trees and vines: a hole is made in which you pour 10-20 liters of manure, and then the hole is flattened. 3. It’s administered once every two weeks, until mid August.

Good to know
1. Quail manure is an exceptional fertilizer with short and medium-term effects.
2. The best period for application is in the plant growth phase, until the fruits and vegetables start to ripe.
3. In the absence of the quail manure, you can also use chicken, turkey and pigeon manure. Duck manure must be avoided.

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