How To Choose The Right Soil And Pot For Your Orchids

Exotic orchids, grown indoors, are epiphytic plants with airy roots. Because of their peculiarity, cultural claims must be well understood and satisfied.

The most important thing except watering your orchid, is the soil your orchid prefers.

1. Orchids need a special, draining and easy substrate.

2. Orchids love fibrous substrates such as bark, coarse peat, expanded polystyrene balls, broken cork, dry and crushed polyurethane foam, moss soil or fern roots.

3. For terrestrial orchids, such as Pafiopedilum and Cimbidium, 10-20% of leaf leaves can be added to the substrate. They feel very good in ceramic pots, even if they don’t have holes.

4. The pot has to allow good ventilation. Orchid will appreciate if you put it in a ceramic perforated pot, o plastic perforated pot or in a wicker basket or any other solution that will allow good ventilation to the roots.

5. A drainage layer is required at the bottom of the pot. You can use clay balls or, better, gravel, which stabilizes the pot.

This is it! Choosing the right soil for orchids isn’t a though task, but it an important thing towards a vigorous growth.

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