Domestic Ways To Get Rid Of Earwigs Super-Fast

Earwigs are pretty disgusting and very dangerous to plants. During the night they chew the top of plant sprouts. If you face with this earwig problem, I found the saving solution for you. Just keep your plants safe.

1. Make a solution of 60 ml of liquid dish detergent, 125 ml of antibacterial mouthwash and 100 ml of water.
Pour the ingredients in a bottle and shake well the bottle to mix these ingredients. Spray over the area where the earwigs are located. You will see how they vanish immediately.

2. Another solution is to place rolled newspapers in the infested places with earwigs.
As earwigs look for the hollowed places, they will go into the newspaper rolls.
Take the rolls away from home.

Or you can simply roll a cardboard like in the below picture and place it near the earwig infestation. This cardboard will soon become a hotel for all the earwigs. This is the most effective method to remove earwigs without using toxic solutions.

Tip: To avoid earwig breeding, just don’t leave textiles outdoors, because it’s the perfect place for earwigs to breed.

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