Carrot And Potato Trap To Get Rid Of Mole Crickets

Mole crickets in your garden? I know, these disgusting insects are everywhere and it’s a total disaster when they come in your garden. But there is a super effective solution to get rid of them and never come back! And the best of everything is that this solution is organic and it won’t harm your crops!

How to proceed?

1. For this carrot and potato trap, you need glass, plastic or metal pots of 1-2 liters (jugs, jars, stalks, etc.) and potato and carrot slices.

2. Bury the above mentioned pots at the ground level, in the areas where mole crickets cause damage.

3. Put a few slices of potato and carrots near them.

4. This way, mole crickets will be attracted by the bait and fall into the pots (trap). It’s important that the pots are sufficiently deep and their walls are straight, so that the prisoners can’t escape.

5. For maximum efficiency, replace the baits daily.

6. With the mole crickets you can do whatever you want!

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