5 Organic Weapons To Get Rid Of Aphids

Whether you call them aphids, green fleas, green lice or green insects, we are talking about the same problem in the garden. When it comes to aphids, there are several species here, which prefer different plants, but they harm the same way and you can combat them with the same weapons.

Crush them mercilessly!

1. When the plants and the infested surface allows, take some thin gloves and crush them between your fingers.
2. You will see that it’s not difficult at all, especially in the case of roses or young trees.
3. The method is “the most organic” possible.

Spray them with a water jet

1. Use a jet of water to detach them from attacking plants.
2. The operation should be done firmly, and gentle at the same time, not to hurt or break the plants.

Dish detergent

1. Dissolve in 4 liters of water a spoonful of dish detergent.
2. Spray aphids colonies with a hand sprayer.
3. In the absence of a garden sprayer, you can use any other spray bottle.
4. This solution works very well in warmer periods because the soap solution removes the fat layer from the aphids, dehydrated under the sun’s rays.

Dish detergent and garlic

1. If the detergent solution doesn’t work, add 100 ml of oil, where you’ve crushed 3-4 garlic cloves.
2. Stir well, leave from evening to morning to macerate, and then filter and add the solution in the spray container where the dish detergent is.
3. Stir the sprayer vigorously, from time to time when spraying, to homogenize the solution.

Remove the colony

1. If the attack is very aggressive, a solution is to remove branches and plants strongly attacked by aphids.
2. These will be collected in a bag that will have to be burnt to make sure that these insects won’t escape, and return in the garden.

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