Step-By-Step Natural Treatment To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Orchid Leaves

Orchids are plants that don’t get sick so easily, but when they do, the most common affection is the appearance of brown spots on the leaves.

Which is the cause of brown spots on orchid leaves?

1. Usually, brown spots appear if the plant got infected with pathogenic molds.
2. Sometimes the diseases are caused by bacteria.

How does the infection occur?

The most common ways to fungi infection are:
1. A latent infection appears wen the plant suffers from improper living conditions (excessive humidity, lack of humidity, etc.);
2. Getting into contact with other infected plants;
3. Sometimes the infection appears during transplantation when the plant suffers injuries due to transplantation or accidental injury to its organs.

How to prevent the fungi infection?

1. Providing at least the minimum requirements for orchids;
2. Keeping the plant in an optimal state of health;
3. Proper fertilization

How are sick orchids treated?

1. Isolate the plants showing signs of disease from the healthy ones.
2. If the illness is at an early stage, it’s recommended to remove the infected “organs”, whether it will be flowers, leaves or roots.
3. If the disease tends to spread to the entire plant, rapid intervention is required, which means changing the pot and the soil, removing the affected parts, sinking the roots into a fungicide solution, and spraying the same solution on the rest of the plant.
4. Instead of a fungicide, you can also use a solution made of 4-5 crushed garlic cloves over which 1 liter of boiling water is poured. After cooling, the solution is filtered and used in the same manner as above.
5. In some severe cases, you must give up the floral stem, especially if it has been compromised aesthetically.
6. The rescue action should in particular target growth buds (the area where new leaves appear).
7. In some situations, you must “bury” the plant.

1. Working with fungicides requires greatest attention, these being highly toxic substances!
2. Follow the instructions before preparing the solution.
3. Pay attention to children!
4. Because these treatments are done in the house, it’s advisable to prepare the solution in the bathtub.
5. Thoroughly wash the tub after the operation is done.

Image Credits: Orchidbliss

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