Organic Paradise: 7 Steps In Growing Potatoes On The Balcony

If you have gardening skills, but you are living in an apartment block, than you shouldn’t be worried that your skills can be performed. I have the optimal solution for you, and you can start by growing potatoes.

How to plant potatoes in 7 steps

1. Find a 25-30 cm deep pot with drainage holes on the bottom. The width should be according to the space available for the pot placement. A raffia bag (the kind found at the supermarket) is an excellent pot.
2. For planting, look for pink potatoes, preferably from traditional varieties from farmers. Their size should be small to medium.
3. The planting operation can take place throughout April.
4. Fill the 1/3 pot with the soil, and then place the potatoes with the upright side up.
5. As the potatoes grow, fill with soil, near the top of the pot. This operation will guarantee you a bigger potato production. Place the container in a sunny place.
6. Keep the soil moist all the time, but without allowing the water to pour.
7. After 3-4 months, the branches will become yellow and dry. Then it’s time to harvest your crops.

1. Undoubtedly, this solution will not solve the potato needs of the family, but it’s interesting to put this idea into practice:
2. You have the opportunity to taste organic potatoes that grown without any type of chemicals;
And if you have small children, I’m sure that this will be a pleasant experience, and an important step in their education.
3. And the potato bush is pretty decorative, too.


1. If you place the pot on the window sill, make sure it’s well anchored, and the wind won’t blow the pot away.
2. Otherwise, terrible accidents can occur if pedestrians pass underneath!
3. Keep in mind that the leaves and especially the potatoes are very poisonous. Pay attention to children! It’s advisable to remove the potato fruits when they appear, immediately after the flowers dried.

Image Credits: Youtube

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