How To Stimulate A New Vigorous Blooming To Orchids

The miracle happened: the orchid produced a floral stem! You are wondering how to make the flowers look exactly the same as when you bought it?

Well, I will share with you my secret to produce a vigorously blooming to your orchid!

If the orchid has triggered the flowering process, it means that the plant is in a very good condition, and that it’s ready to support the mineral effort needed to produce and nourish the flowers.

At this point, the most important aspect is light, which must be intense.

If the light is low, the stem will tend to elongate, and the flowers will be small with an unhealthy look.

The ideal place for the plant during flowering is to east or south-east facing window.

“Nourished” with enough light, the orchid will produce a beautiful floral show!

It’s also important to respect the watering period: during winter every 8-10 days and during summer every 2-3 days.

A catastrophe that can occur during flowering is the abortion of flowers and buds.

This unfortunate event may occur for the following reasons: excessive watering, exposure to cold and temperatures below 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit!

Image Credits: Flowersacrossmelbourne

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