How To Make The Perfect Geranium Cuttings For Geranium Propagation

Geranium propagation is the simplest task I know with remarkable and colorful results. The most effective way is propagation by cuttings, a procedure which, in the case of the geranium, has a very high rate of success, and can be done anytime between February and October.

So, learn how to do geranium cutting “a la carte”!

1. During 1 year there are two ideal moments for cuttings: spring and autumn. In February-March, cut the branches to help strain the stalks, cut 3-4 node cuttings.
2. To avoid cutting molding, just dust a bit the part that will come into the ground with charcoal powder, and then let them wake for 1-2 days (in the shade), then plant them.
3. We recommend that you plant them first in a “cutting school”, that is, more cuttings in a pot, 5-7 cm from each other, in a more sandy soil, after that, after rooting (about April) to move them to the final place.
4. When transplanting try to remove “cuttings from school” with plenty of earth on the roots. Also, if you don’t want to change the pot in the following year, use a richer soil in nutrients, that is 20-30% manure, well decomposed (at least 3-4 years old).
5. The second best time for geranium cuttings is in August. It’s the same as in the case of the spring cuttings, and when transplanting (about a month) you will shorten the roots by 1/3.

Image Credits: Coolgarden

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