How To Grow Grapes In Pots On The Balcony

What’s the point in growing grapevine in pots? Don’t think that the ones who do it are lunatics, because is the most creative and natural way in making a shade to your balcony. This person lives at the 11th floor in an apartment block, where there’s not any greenery oasis. But he decided to create his own green corner, and he thought that grapevine is the perfect shade he can bring to its balcony, not mentioning the fact that he can enjoy the sweat grape taste in September.

The pot

The pot shouldn’t be too large: 50 cm deep and 30-40 cm wide may be enough. A larger pot can be used only if it’s placed on a well-consolidated terrace. For safety reasons, it’s better to use less heavy pot on a balcony.
The pot can be made of plastic, wood or ceramic (ideal!) but it must have drain holes on the bottom.

Which type of soil we need?

Recipe I: Celery earth (40%), broom (10%), sand (10%), peat (20%).
Recipe II: celery earth (60%), broom (20%), sand (20%).
Recipe III: celery earth (75%), broom (25%).
Regardless of the recipe chosen, a layer of gravel or shards from a broken ceramic pot should be placed on the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage.

When, what and how we plant the grapevine?

The optimum planting time is in early spring (February-April).
Use grafted and of frost-resistant of grapevine.
A good solution is to use strawberry cuttings. Even if the grapes are not appreciated by everyone, the vigor of the variety and the grape perfume in fall, makes the strawberry cuttings the best option in this particular case.


Make sure that the total weight of the pot (along with the wet substrate) doesn’t exceed 100-120 kg.
Ensure that the total weight of items / goods in the balcony doesn’t exceed its support capacity.
Ensure that the pot is well positioned and firmly attached, eliminating the possibility of dropping it.

Image Credits: Fernat

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