How To Get Rid Of Earthworms In Pots

The beneficial role of earthworms in the garden is proven. But what is to be done when earthworms bothers plants in pots? Well, you will try to get rid of them, and keep the flowers, but how? You will find out in this article the best 2 ways in getting rid of earthworms in pots.

1. Earthworms get into the flower pot when we transplant the plant, because of the unsifted garden soil.
2. Sometimes they are tolerated by plants, and you don’t even notice their presence.
3. In the case of some plants, however, the earthworm “patrolling” among the roots of the plants greatly hampers their development, which is why the uninvited guests should be “exiled” from the pots.
4. Also, earthworms can clog the drain holes in the bottom of the pot, if you didn’t add a gravel layer on it. Which, again, is not good!

How do we get them out of pots?

Eco-friendly solution: Dip the pot in 113 degrees Fahrenheit heated water for 5-10 minutes. The earthworms will get to the surface of the pot.

Chemical solution: Spray the plants with a diluted potassium permanganate solution. This way the earthworms will get to the surface.

Now, you just have to pick the earthworms from the surface by hand. I put my husband to do that because this operation is a bit disgusting.

Image Credits: Helpfulgardener

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