Eco-Friendly Way To Get Rid Of Red Spider Mites From Your Lemon Tree

If you are growing a lemon tree in pots, then you should know that it can easily be attacked by pests. And, you probably have second-thoughts in using insecticides because the lemon tree is quite sensitive. But I have a saving solution for you.

How does an attacked lemon tree look like?

It has a “pale” look that suggests suffering.
The young leaves don’t touch the shade of dark green, having a chlorine look.
Analyzed more carefully, the leaves have on the upper surface islands of discoloration.
If you look at the bottom (you need a magnifying glass or a good eye) you will find the cause: some tiny brownish or reddish insects.

How to remove red spiders from the lemon tree?

The red spider feeds with the sap from the leaves, which it plugs out of the tissues.
Basically, the leaves are drained of energy, and this attack causes the decline and vulnerability of the plant.
When the attacks become massive, the spiders, due to overpopulation, can also attack the upper part of the leaves.


We need a beer (preferably black because it contains more alcohol).
Meticulously, wipe with a soft cloth soaked in beer every leaf, face and back.
You will notice that the leaves are quite resistant to this operation, which even allows you to rub them.
In this way, the spiders will be crushed, and the leaves will get a special gloss due to beer.
In addition, beer also has nutritional action over the leaves, acting as a foliar fertilizer.

More over!
No matter how carefully you will wipe the leaves, will surely be spiders who will try to restore the colony.
For this reason, it’s necessary to repeat the procedure after a while, either on the whole plant or in the areas where the problems resurface.

Image Credits: Suburbanrancher

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