100 % Organic Fertilizer To Grow Beautiful Plants In Pots

I want to believe that eggs and coffee are consumed in every house. But what I didn’t believe was that these 2 ingredients will help my plants to grow and to get rid of some awful pests. This is perfect for a tiny gardener like me. Actually, it’s pretty great. I want to tell you that my apartment plants are kind of great! They’ve been admired by my guests.

Coffee grounds
– Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, but also many minerals, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, and so on.
– Coffee is highly appreciated by plants for which acid fertilizer is indicated, such as currant, buxus, conifers, azaleas, roses and some fruit trees.

Egg shells
They contain 93% calcium carbonate, nitrogen, phosphorus as well as other excellent soil fattening elements.
The eggshells are dried out and crushed well. This operation can be done on a piece of paper towel or in a mortar to get a powdery consistency.

How to administer
Coffee grounds and egg shells can be administered directly in the flower pot, or in compost.
Of course, you can use coffee grounds and egg shells separately, but together it the best fertilization method you can use for your plants.

If you want to add this natural fertilizer in the garden, you should know that you can use as much as you got by adding at the base of the plant.
On the other hand, for plants in pots must be administrated rationally, once every 1-2 months.

Image Credits: Cartacoffee

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