A Few Secrets To Make Your Cactus Bloom Again

1. The perfect temperature for cactus during winter is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If these plants won’t receive shade/ and cool environment for at least 2-3 months, the chances to bloom are very low.

2. The best place indoor for these plants, is near a window facing south. In this spot, the plant will receive the light they need during winter, and it’s indicated not to have a radiator because the air will be cooler and cactus love cool air in winter.

3. During winter, cactus should be watered very little and only once a month. If they get out of winter “thirsty” they will “starve” for blooming in spring. Sometimes plants have to struggle a lot to blossom beautifully.

4. Cactus must be transplanted in February-March, yearly or at least every two years, using a special mixture for cactus and succulents. After transplantation, the plant shouldn’t be watered for 2 weeks.

5. Fertilization in cactus is done only in March and June, using a special cacti fertilizers or a heavily diluted, low-nitrogen fertilizer and higher in phosphorus and potassium.

Caution: Abundant fertilization inhibits blooming!

6. Spring and summer cactus must receive a lot of light and heat. The pots should be positioned in full sun, and rotated from time to time for maximum sun exposure.

7. From spring to autumn, cactus must be watered more generously, respecting a few important rules:

– Cactus is watered when the soil is 3 cm dried at the surface.
– Pour water until the plate underneath the pot is filled.
– Correct watering of cactus must be similar to those desert rains that create short-lived rains, but which are then quickly absorbed without leaving puddles.

A small secret

Some cactus species bloom at maturity, an age they reach after many years.

When you buy a cactus, buy it when it’s bloomed to make sure you don’t have to wait a few years until you can see the flowers.

Image Credits: Muckme

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