5 Indoor Plants To Furnish Your Bathroom

If you “furnish” the bathroom with potted plants, you can get a more spectacular effect than redecorating it. In addition, there are indoor plants that, during winter, love to stay in that wet bathroom environment than in the dry atmosphere of the rest of the house.

Bridal veil (chlorophyll)

A very vigorous and easy-to-care plant, but with a great decorative potential!
This plant is a fighter, who copes well with the dryness of the houses in the winter, but in the bathroom will look even better.
It’s satisfied with a bit of light (prefers indirect light), but it will grow better if is well lit.


This plant is purchased when it’s in full blossom.
Indoors, it will wilt and dye quickly (a few weeks) because of dried air.
If it’s placed in the bathroom, near the window, it will feel much better and you will enjoy it for a longer time.


Gardenia is a bit more complicated because, although it prefers moisture, it needs more light.
But if you have a well-lit bathroom, that’s the place where you can place it!
When it is blooming, it will naturally refresh the air in the bathroom.


Clearly, the most suitable plant to be kept in the bathroom!
It’s vivid, loves shade, and adores the humid atmosphere.


Loves direct light and dryness and you may ask why I added here. But there are other reasons why I’ve listed here!
Aloe is an avid plant that can make an abstraction of the environment in which it is held. For this reason, it’s recommended for beginner gardener, because it can’t be easily killed in this environment due to maintenance mistakes.
The only requirement you should do is to offer it a reasonable amount of light.
Aloe leaves are also a medicine for burns, bruises, insect bites. Tear a piece of plant and buffer the affected areas.

Image Credits: Contendsocial

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