Get Rid Of Pesky Stinkbugs & Protect Your Veggies

There is a good chance your veggie garden is invaded by stinkbugs. They stink the entire area and also do significative damage to your plants. That is why, at first signs of smell in your garden, you need to act immediately. If the stinkbugs population is getting larger, that means they are also laying eggs which are only worsening the issue of pest control. Thus, keep reading and see how you can eradicate the stinkbugs so you can protect your veggies from these pests.

How to find out if you have stinkbugs?

Well, stinkbugs mostly do damage to the plants and you can notice this damage from the small holes and the change in the leaves’ color. Thus, it is time to act on it right away and do some pest control so they won’t multiply and destroy your garden. Fortunately, there are many ways you can use to deter them and solve this issue before is too late. Check them out!

1. Get rid of weeds and debris

Stinkbugs are really attracted to heavy vegetation. Thus, the first thing you should do is keeping your garden tidy. For this, you will have to get rid of the weeds and any debris there might be around. That way, you will get rid of their favorite environment and they will take up residence elsewhere. Hence, this is an important step in getting rid of stinkbugs.

2. Natural solutions

These pesky pests can also be repelled by natural solutions. I would recommend using these to also keep your garden healthy and away from chemicals.

One good solution to start is a kaolin clay solution. This will stop feeding and reproduction of stinkbugs and it is also safe for plants and veggies.

Another great natural solution would be mixing garlic powder and water to make a spray repellent. Also, you could make another spraying solution with mint essential oil and water. Thus, mix these ingredients in a spray bottle and spray all over the plants.

3. Make use of traps

Another method to get rid of stinkbugs is to trap them using their own pheromone odors. You can purchase these to spread a scent that will attract stinkbugs and traps them. Once they are trapped inside, they cannot get out and will die of dehydration.

4. Invite natural predators

Stinkbugs have many enemies that you can invite in your garden to eradicate them for you. Hence, you can have some spiders, ladybugs, or even toads and birds. They will successfully get rid of these pesky creatures in no time.

In conclusion, stinkbugs may be harder to get rid of, but these natural solutions will help you do the job. Especially because it will help you maintain your veggie garden safe. Just remember to act immediately as you see them because larger infestation is even harder to treat. The sooner you get them out, the healthier your veggie plants will be!

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