The Best 5 Organic Fertilizers for a Vegetable Garden

When you want to grow vegetables, as a gardener, you should know which are the best fertilizers you should use. This is a very important and highly discussed topic because there are so many options. Furthermore, you can find so many more in the stores. However, I am always trying to avoid those since they might contain chemicals or other substances. Thus, my go-to fertilizer is an organic one. It is not difficult to make your own at home. Especially if you keep reading here, you will find the best organic fertilizers for your vegetable garden.

Hence, using organic fertilizers means you will give your plants the best nutrients and minerals they need to grow healthy and naturally. Here are my favorite organic fertilizers:

1. Compost

Compost is the most widely known and used organic fertilizer in vegetable gardens. It is also a great soil amendment and not for nothing. This fertilizer is easy to make because you will be using different things from around your home. Yes, you might already have what it takes to make a great compost. For example, I am using the vegetable peelings from the kitchen.

You can work this compost into the soil before planting. Furthermore, you can also add it to the sides of your plants after they start growing. This is a great fertilizer because it will add beneficial microorganisms to greatly improve your garden’s soil health.

2. Compost teas

Yes, you can also make a compost tea with steeping compost. Hence, you can use the liquid left from the steeping process by straining it and spray it all over your plants. This will charge the soil for a better growth, also providing the essential nutrients and minerals.

3. Herbivore manures

You should also use the manure from different animals such as horses, rabbits, or chicken but only if you feed them with grass. It will make for a great fertilizer if you mix it with hay, straws, or alfalfa and set out to compost before using. Thus, make sure you let manures compost for a minimum of nine months before using it in your vegetable garden. The fresh manures can actually burn your plants due to its high levels of ammonia.

4. Fish and seaweed emulsions

Fish and seaweed emulsions are also amazing organic fertilizers because they will improve the soil nutrients. Also, these emulsions will provide your plants a good feeding. You can use them in a liquid form by mixing them with water, then use it to water your plants. The leaves will soak up all the nutrients.

5. Vermicomposting

This is also a great organic fertilizer that consists of using earthworms. They are highly essential if you want to have a healthy soil. Because they wiggle around the soil, these pests will help your soil tremendously with air circulation.

Furthermore, another benefit you can get with earthworms is their castings. These will provide valuable nutrients to the soil. Moreover, the castings also contain beneficial microorganisms from the earthworm’s digestive system. Thus, you can imagine how vital this would be as an organic fertilizer.

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