Highly Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Cutworms

Cutworms are quite devastating in a vegetable garden because they can actually decimate seedlings in no time. if unfortunately a cutworm begins eating away at your vegetable seedlings, there is no turning back. Thus, you can imagine how frustrating it can be to hve these little pests invading your hard work. Thus, keep on reading too see effective methods you can use to get rid of cutworms.

First off, let’s understand why exactly cutworms prefer young seedlings. There are two reasons for this:

– the tendernes of young seedling is making it easier for them to chew.
– they can easily wrap their bodies around the stems of young seedling when feeding.

Thus, you will need a few methods to control cutworms from ruining your gard working seedlings. Check them out:

1. Make a stem collar with dinking straws

Simply use a regular drinking straw and cut a slit down one side. Then, cut the straw into 2 inch pieces and use them to gently wrap around the stem of the seedling. You can then insert the the straw into the soil about 1/4-inch deep.

2. Make newspaper collars

It works the same way as the straw method. Again, cut some newspaper into 2 – 3 inch wide strips. Then, loosely wrap the strips around the stems of your young seedlings. Doing this, the strips will decompose quite quickly and it will protect the seedlings against cutworms.

3. Use the toilet paper rolls

You could also cut a slit down one side of old toilet paper rolls. Then, place them around seedlings when you are planting them. Just as the newspaper, the toilet paper rolls will also decompose after a couple weeks into the soil.

4. Use popsicle sticks to make obstacles

You can also prevent cutworms from eating away at you seedlings by sticking a popsicle stick on each side of a seedling. That way, they pests won’t be able to wrap around the stem.

5. Bait

You could also create a bait by mixing 1 cup of hardwood sawdust, 1 cup of wheat bran, water, and 16 ounces of molasses. Simply mix these ingredients then lightly pour around vulnerable seedlings.

6. Use beneficial nematodes

You should definitely add beneficial nematodes to the vegetable garden soil. These will seek out and infect cutworms, killing them immediately.

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