7 Organic Methods To Keep Plants Pest-Free & Healthy

As the summer is more and more coming in full force, it is getting warmer. Unfortunately, this also means that the insects and other creatures start coming out too. Even though some pests might actually be helpful to your garden, there are others that will harm and make a heavy damage to your plants. Hence, these will eat away at your crops if you’re not careful. Thus, this article will sum up 7 organic methods you should use to keep your plants pest-free and healthy.

We are all aware of the chemical sprays and pesticides available on the market. However, you should avoid them as much as possible to not contaminate your crops or the air. Thus, opt for a more natural approach by trying some of these organic methods:

1. Marigolds

Marigolds are basically the oldest trick in the world. These little flowers are so beneficial to have in your garden. Their scent is pleasant for us but highly unpleasant for pests. Thus, to keep the pests away, simply plant a row around your garden, and your plants will reap the benefits.

Even marigolds are the best, you could also take advantage of other plants such as dandelions, goldenrod, clover or alfalfa. They will also keep your garden safe because animals will be attracted to and feed on them instead of your garden.

2. Eggshells

Eggshells are perfect for snails, slugs or caterpillar. This kind of pests has a soft layer on their body which means that the crushed eggs will tear them apart. Thus, after removing the infected leaves, spread the shells around the plants that are being fed on so that the pests won’t come back.

3. Beer

You can also have fun making a beer trap. This is another perfect organic method you could use against snails and slugs. Simply place a shallow dish of beer at ground level and the slugs won’t be able to resist.

4. DIY homemade soapy water

This solution is perfect in the case of an aphid infestation. This completely safe remedy will keep aphids away if you spray the plants with soapy water. Hence, after you remove the infested leaves, spray the other leaves with soapy water, to keep aphids from returning.

Furthermore, this soap spray is also a good way to treat fungi on your plants. However, for better results, you should mix in the water and soap mixture a bit cooking oil and baking soda. This is a perfect homemade pesticide.

5. Mix your plants

The easiest way to keep the pests away, however, is to mix your plants. It might sound like it doesn’t do anything, but if you simply change your plants and mixing them with herbs, it will confuse the pest. Not to mention, you can mix in your favorite herbs such as chives, rosemary, mint, sage, or garlic because these are also deterrents for pests due to their strong scent.

6. Mulch

Mulching is a fantastic way to keep your soil cool and it will also prevent the growth of weeds. Furthermore, the smell of the mulch can keep smaller insects away. Another benefit is that the mulch will also deter bigger animals such as squirrels or rabbits. You can combine perfectly straw, dried pine needles, and bark, for a great mulch to discourage them.

7. Ladybugs

Lastly, even if it might sound odd, ladybugs can actually keep certain insects away. Why is that? Well, ladybugs actually feed off other smaller pests that might populate your garden.

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