4 Tricks To Consider When Growing A Front Yard Vegetable Garden

The new trends are coming strong! If there was a time when you could only grow your vegetable garden in your backyard, well, it is time to switch it up. You can now try to grow it in your front yard. This is one of the rising trends I am enjoying so much because a front yard vegetable garden is something else. Not to mention how much space you will be able to save and also maximize. Thus, since the front yard is also a good place to grow your vegetables, here you can find some tips and tricks you could use if you’re just starting out. Keep reading and show off your beautiful garden to your neighbors.

1. Make sure you plan ahead

There is no room for mistakes because your veggie garden will be in the front yard. Thus, you seriously need to plan ahead. Hence, think about how you can make this functional and attractive. You can imagine how vital planning is since this garden will be visible to passers-by or your neighbors.

Hence, create a beautiful design and determine how your garden should look before you start planting. It doesn’t have to look just like the ones in the magazine. But, planning ahead and using some forethought in the process of how and where you will plant your vegetables will help you immensely.

2. You should mix vegetables with flowers

Thus, while planning, consider planting vegetables with flowers. You could have some flower borders or beds in your front yard. The most pleasant vegetables you can mix with flowers could be spinach, swiss chard, carrots, arugula, or lettuces. Thus, you can create a very productive and attractive sidewalk or driveway border.

Furthermore, you could spice things up in your front yard vegetable garden by plantings herbs. Hence, consider planting some chives, parsley, basil, or even oregano, they would make a fabulous border. Thus, all you have to do is be creative and have fun!

3. Create a beautiful & artistic illusion

You can plan taller vegetables but you should display in such a manner they won’t stick out in the wrong place. It may look unattractive and to prevent this from happening, you should create a beautiful and artistic illusion in your front yard vegetable garden.

This is how it should work. You should plant taller vegetables near your home area and then the smaller ones gradually to the front yard. That way, you will create a beautiful illusion of a landscape.

4. Try showcasing vertical gardening

For example, this would be excellent for vining vegetables. Thus, if you plan on growing beans, cucumbers, or peas, try showcasing the plants using vertical gardening. Simply grow these vegetables on trellis or arbors more near to your house to respect the illusion. The plants will actually be more healthy and productive and your front yard garden will look tidier.

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