5 Organic Solutions To Get Rid Of Eggplant Flea Beetles

You can recognize the invasion of flea beetles in your garden by the holes they made in some of the vegetables. They are very tiny insects that chew holes in the leaves of many plants. They simply jump from plant to plant, causing a lot of damage. Moreover, if you worked very hard to plant eggplants, well, these are their favorite. They will also enjoy the mustard greens and radish leaves. Since you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, keep reading and see the best 5 organic solutions you can use to get rid of flea beetles on eggplants.

1. Grow vegetables in different areas each year

This is a good method you could use, also called crop rotation. Thus, you will need to avoid growing eggplants in the same place year after year. A good thing for this would be developing a solid garden plan each year. That way, you can strategically rotate your crops. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it is very important in controlling flea beetles on your eggplants.

2. Try using a plastic mulch

In the early spring, lay down a red plastic mulch in your vegetable garden. This will prevent the flea beetle larvae from coming back up. Hence, the plastic mulch will make a good job of blocking the larvae. Furthermore, it will also help you control their populations to avoid an infestation.

Now, even straw and bark mulches are good for your soil, they could also give the flea beetles a good place to hide. However, if you still need to use it, you can simply just pull the mulch away from eggplant seedlings. That way, they will mature safely and then you can replace the straw mulch around them.

3. Make use of nematodes

That’s right, a good organic solution is applying nematodes to your vegetable garden area. These will attack and kill the flea beetle larvae and eggs in the soil. Thus, this is a good method to use before they have a chance of infesting all your crops.

4. Diatomaceous Earth is the best

This is an organic powder that is highly effective in killing flea beetles. All you have to do is sprinkle the eggplant with this powder and the flea beetles will be gone. For this, you need to make sure to cover the top and bottom of the leaves. The flea beetles tend to be on the underside of leaves more.

5. Make an organic pesticide spray

As a last resort, you can make a DIY homemade pesticide spray using rotenone/pyrethrin liquid. This is quite effective for getting rid of flea beetles on eggplant. However, use it responsibly because it is still a pesticide.

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