Natural Deterrents That Will Keep Skunks Away From Your Garden

There are numerous repellents on the market. However, many of these repellents contain harmful chemicals which may poison your pets or children. Moreover, they are often quite ineffective. Thus, you need to resort to a more natural approach with natural repellents that will have much efficiently effects on skunks.

Predator Urine

Sprinkling the urine of dogs, coyotes, or other predators near the den often has some effect. These may be obtained at many outdoor stores. The downsides to using urine are that it must be reapplied every 24 hours, can be washed away when it rains and is only a partial solution. You will still need to take precautions, such as installing a fence, in order to keep the skunks away. Be warned that your dog’s urine may attract stray dogs if they are not fixed.


Many home remedies call for mothballs or ammonia as a means to repel skunks. While skunks do have a sensitive sense of smell, these methods are not very effective. Ammonia may be washed away by rain and must be reapplied frequently. If you choose to use an ammonia to turn away a skunk, your best choice is the aforementioned predator urine.

Cayenne pepper

When carefully sprinkled near the entrance of a den, it will help drive the skunks away. Note that this method will require a fresh application after rain, and further measures, such as fencing, must be taken to keep the skunks from returning.

Citrus peels

These peels such as orange or lemon are also quite effective. Sprinkle these around where the skunk likes to go and it will start to avoid those areas. Peels have the advantage of lasting until they decompose and will also repel many other pests. Once the skunk is out of your yard, fence him out for good.

Hot Pepper Spray

You can use also cayenne pepper to make a repellent spray. Chop one yellow onion, and some jalepeño peppers. Mix these with one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and boil in two quarts of water for at least 20 minutes. Strain the mixture with a cheesecloth and place into a spray bottle. The skunk will avoid anything sprayed with this liquid, although it must be reapplied once every three to five days or after rain.

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