Highly Effective Ways To Keep Moles Away From Your Yard

Moles are not very destructive to the environment, generally. Moreover, they act naturally aerating the soils and eliminating the larvae of destructive insects. However, they are a problem when they start invading your lawns and gardens. Thus, their damage consists of damage to the green grass and uprooting plants. Now, due to their tunneling, the ridges will get brown quickly. So you need to learn how to get rid of moles before they do even more problems to your garden.

1. Use repellents

Some of the repellents that moles definitely hate are tobacco or dried blood. Sprinkle some of these on the ground is very effective. However, always remember to re-apply after a rain. Also, try sprinkling powdered red pepper in their tunnel entrances. Another good repellent is coffee grounds.

2. Natural predator

Owning a cat that enjoys walking through your flower beds is a very effective deterrent to rodents.

3. Cut off their food source with castor oil

Moles are carnivores that make themselves at home in lawns rich in grubs and insects. When their food is seasoned with castor oil, they will go elsewhere for meals. Mix up a spray of 3 parts castor oil to 1 part dish detergent. Then, soak the tunnels with this concoction in a gallon of water. They will definitely stay away.

4. Use tar for its smell

Dip an ear of corn in roofing tar and place it in one of their tunnels. Moles hate the smell of tar, and you’ll block their escape.

5. Homemade thumper

You may have luck using a homemade thumper. Cut fins in the sides of a bleach bottle and place it on a stick driven into the ground near a mole entrance.

6. Try traps

If you have a persistent mole problem, the best solution is trapping. Frankly, this is often the only way to get rid of moles. Use a humane trap, and release the moles at least 5 miles from your home in a rural area away from someone else’s garden.

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