5 Effective Ways To Eliminate Chiggers

The chiggers are the larval stage of mites which will bite humans and can cause intense itching and small welts on the skin. They do not burrow under your skin as ticks do, but they are annoying and can be a problem for your pets. Using natural solutions and control methods, though, you can remove chiggers from the soil in your landscape.

1. Powedered sulphur

Some products have a really strong odor such as the odor of sulfur powder. It has a strong tendency to drive the chiggers away from your garden. Simply sprinkle some sulfur in your infected areas, and you would see no chigger again. For more prevention, you can also sprinkle some sulfur into your garden marginal areas.

2. Beneficial nematodes

If you are looking for some natural pesticides to treat the chiggers, you can take this help from diatomaceous earth. It is a natural product which is designed to get rid of them. All you require to do is sprinkle this product at the hiding places you will see that soon they will leave the place.

3. Aspirin

Dissolve some regular aspirin in warm water and then use your hose to spray all over your yard to keep the chiggers away. When the weather warms up, you will see that no more chiggers are left over in your lawn or garden. In addition to that, try to sprinkle this solution in your garden for at least twice a week.

4. Cedar granules

The high concentration of cedar oil product will cover the entire yard so tread carefully. Repeat the application in 7 to 10 days. This will kill the existing chiggers and will keep them out for several weeks depending on the weather.

5. Mow your grass regularly

Chiggers are well known to hide in the weeds and the tall grasses. If you keep pulling the weed and keep the grass short, you will see effective results. By removing these, you are actually removing all the shades and the moisture from where the chigger thrives in. The sunlight and the fresh around in the environment will not make a good atmosphere for the chiggers to live it.

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