5 Natural Remedies to Save Your Succulents From Mealybugs

These pests are a familiar problem for indoor plants. For instance, mealybugs are one of the most common pests that infect succulents. In this article, you will find 5 natural remedies to control mealybugs with insecticidal soaps, beneficial insects, and other natural techniques. Thus, you will protect your succulents!

1. Isopropyl alcohol

The best solution that will kill them is 70% isopropyl alcohol. You could use q-tips to dab on the alcohol. However, I find out that a spray bottle is much more effective and easier to use. So, keep a small spray bottle next to your plants to get the mealybugs as soon as they show up.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Just as efficient, rubbing alcohol is another great natural remedy to get rid of mealybugs. Moreover, it is cheapest and more available. I’m actually quite confident it will eliminate the mealybugs without damaging your succulents.

3. Avoid overwatering or overfertilizing your succulents

I know this comes harder, but you need to carefully not overwater or overfertilize your succulents. Mealybugs are attracted to plants with high nitrogen levels and soft growth.

4. Neem oil

This oil will disrupt the growth and development of pest insects. Moreover, it also has repellent and antifeedant properties. Which is safe to say, you’ll get all the non-toxic benefits getting rid of mealybugs. The solution can be prepared by mixing 1 gallon of water with neem oil. Then, you should spray this solution every 7-14 days, to better see the results.

5. Fast-acting botanical insecticides

These should be used as a last resort. Derived from plants which have insecticidal properties, these natural pesticides have fewer harmful side effects than synthetic chemicals and break down more quickly in the environment.

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