3 Organic Methods to Take Over Black Spot Fungus Effectively

Black spots can be found on flowers like roses, their leaves or fruits. The fungus is especially problematic when the weather is hot and humid. Usually, lower leaves are infected first, and infected leaves often fall off the plant early. To prevent that, keep reading and take over black spot fungus effectively for a healthy plant.

1. Baking soda recipe

This baking soda recipe should be used only occasionally, because some plants may be injured by repeated applications of the horticultural oil. Here’s the recipe:

– 1 tablespoon baking soda
– 1 tablespoon horticultural oil
– 1-gallon water
– 1-gallon backpack or pump sprayer

Now, mix all ingredients very well in the sprayer and start applying the solution on the underside and top of all leaves. This will have a beneficial reaction on the leaves and will leave your plant in a perfect condition.

2. Garlic and pepper solution

This solution is also homemade. Moreover, you can choose for whatever option you think will better fit your plant. Thus, it can be a garlic or pepper solution but it will be better mixing them.

So, without further ado, add two garlic cloves and two hot peppers that have been chopped up in a blender half filled with water. Start blending for a few minutes, then strain out the garlic and pepper bits. When that’s done, mix the remaining liquid with enough water to make 1 gallon of spicy concentrate and store.

When you wish to spray, use a quarter cup of this concentrate and mix with one gallon of water and add two tablespoons of molasses to help the mixture stick to the leaves.

3. Avoid black spot fungus with this trick

This trick consists of planting 4 garlic bulbs in a circle around each plant. You must plant the bulbs 6 inches from the rose. Be careful not to disturb the rose’s roots. For younger roses, 2 bulbs would suffice.

Obviously, this procedure should be done before the blackspot takes over, so remember, it is only a preventive measure to be considered.

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