How to Stop Lizards From Entering Your House

Even though lizards are quite beneficial for your garden and yard, the benefits outweigh the damages. Moreover, we need to eradicate lizards and prevent them from ever appearing again. In this article, you will find natural repellents, sprays, electronic solutions, and smart tips.

1. Mothballs

To deter lizards from entering the home, scatter a few mothballs near doors and entrances. The smell of the mothballs will repel them. If you don’t want to scatter mothballs on the ground, put them in an open container.

2. Coffee and tobacco

Mix some coffee powder with tobacco powder. Prepare small balls of this mixture. Take toothpicks and fix balls on them. Put these toothpicks on their way or their hiding places.

3. Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene ball is a good pest controller. Put it in your wardrobes, water sinks or under the stove. This remedy works effectively against the lizards.

4. Pepper pesticide spray

Mix water and pepper to make a pesticide spray. Sprinkle it on your kitchen racks, tube light corners, under the stove, and fridge. They will get irritated, by the spiciness of pepper and smell of the spray, and vacate your home.

5. Onion

Suspend onion slices against the wall, or place them in their hiding places. Onion contains a sulfur compound that creates a bad odor. It helps in repelling the lizards.

6. Garlic spray

Take a spray bottle. Fill it with onion juice and water. Add few drops of garlic essence to it. Shake them well. Spray it in the corners or any other place in your home. You can also simply place a garlic clove, to get rid of them.

7. Eggshells

Eggshells help in bluffing the lizards, psychologically. Due to egg cells, lizards will leave the place assuming another organism in that area. Change the egg shells after every 3-4 weeks.

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