Effective Methods to Ward Off Those Noisy Woodpeckers

We admit that woodpeckers may be attractive in our backyard. However, these birds have some eating habits that can be a real impediment to our home. Thus, we need to ward off the noisy birds until they destroy our garden. Their biggest damage is on the trees and any wooden structures. Not to mention they constant drumming which is insufferable after a while.

As pretty as woodpeckers are to observe in your backyard or garden, these noisy birds can cause major damage to your trees and wooden structures if left unattended—not to mention, their constant drumming can be extremely disruptive to the peace and quiet you need to be productive around the house. Prevent woodpeckers from taking over your outdoor space with these tips for handling the winged troublemakers.

To get rid of woodpeckers that have already made themselves at home in your yard, it’s best to use a technique that will scare them off. Always avoid solutions that could harm woodpeckers, such as sticky substances that trap the birds. Instead, use one of these four ideas that have been proven to help ward off woodpeckers safely.

1. Hang up a shiny object

A mirror (or aluminum foil if you’re in a pinch) near the spot where a woodpecker has made its home will show the bird its reflection when it returns, startling it and potentially scaring it away from the area.

2. Resort to a wind chime or a pinwheel

Set up a wind chime or a pinwheel near the spot. The noise or motion these objects make in the wind may fool your woodpecker into thinking a predator is near and deter them from coming any closer.

3. Set up a pretend predator

Because owls prey on woodpeckers, you can purchase a decoy owl from a home improvement or garden store to place in your yard. Opt for one with reflective eyes, which look more realistic.

4. Spook them with noise

This last simple deterrent only requires you to clap your hands, whoop, or make another loud noise to frighten the bird off if you’re outdoors and you see one.

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