Top 5 Methods to Get Rid of Voles

The voles could do a serious damage to your garden. This small creature brings so many problems for flower-beds and crops and you need to act immediately. Moreover, the voles will eat your roots and fruits; thus they will destroy all your hard work. How could you fight these small creatures? Find out top 5 go-to methods in this article.

1. Garlic

In most cases, simply placing one clove near the plant to be protected is already sufficient. To have maximum mole and vole control we recommend to place 3-4 cloves around the plant you want to protect. For vegetable beds, I would suggest placing the garlic in rows along the beds. For larger areas like lawns, we recommend placing the garlic around the edges or trees, so that it doesn’t affect your ability to mow the lawn.

2. Wire baskets

A cage or basket made of galvanized wire mesh, hardware cloth or strong plastic is placed around the roots of the plant to be protected. Gopher, mole and vole damage is prevented since the animals physically cannot get to the roots. This method is easiest to apply before you think of planting trees, bushes or bulbs.

3. Sound or vibration devices

Vibration devices typically come in the form of short sticks that are inserted into the soil. The devices vibrate at periodic intervals and it travels through the ground. Moreover, it will protect a circular area around it from voles in your garden.

Therefore, the level of protection is very high close to the device but gets weaker as you move away from it. These devices work best on heavy clay or rock type of soils. This way, you will allow the vibrations to travel further.

4. Repellents

Rodents have very sensitive noses and dislike certain smells. If these smells are strong enough, moles and voles will avoid the area. Typical smells are derived from predator urine, castor oil, essential oils such as peppermint oil, garlic extract or mothballs.

5. Natural predators

Cats and dogs are the best natural predators that will instinctively hunt the voles. Therefore, you don’t actually have to teach them how to catch voles or moles!

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