4 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow In Pots

We should not take medicines for every medical problem, especially if it is insignificant. In these situations, we may resort to a natural treatment. You can make a small “herbal pharmacy” in your small balcony. Here are four medicinal herbs you can grow in pots.


Image Credits: Gardening Know How

This plant is native to southern and southeastern Europe, but today is found in almost the entire world.

Chamomile flowers contain vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin B1), minerals and essential oil, has anti inflammatory properties, it’s analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anesthetic, diaphoretic and anti-allergic. Therefore, this plant should not miss from your house. You can plant it in a little pot. Thus, you’ll have fresh Chamomile whenever you need this herb.


Image Credits: Almanac

Mint leaves are used for medicinal purposes because they contain large amounts of oils, polyphenolic substances, tannins and flavonoids.

Mint is an excellent natural remedy for improving digestion, relieving headaches and curing your acne through its anti-inflammatory action.


Image Credits: Central Florida Garden

In medicinal therapies, this plant is used as an infusion for internal use – for ulcer and gastritis.

Marigold-based herbal preparations are useful for menstrual cycle disorders, for liver and biliary diseases. Marigold is suitable for treating wounds of various origins like insect bites, frostbite and burns, skin infections, slow-healing wounds and acne treatment.


This plant is recommended as a natural remedy for hypertension, intestines and stomach disorders, airways inflammation, physical and mental exhaustion, nervousness, fever, stress, thrush, stomatitis, skin ulcers, cough, bronchitis, abscess and cellulite. Also, sage has a beneficial effect for the liver, removes bloating and has a depurative action.

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