How To Prepare Indoor Plants For The Outdoor Season

To protect them against the cold temperatures, frost-sensitive plants are moved inside the house before winter. Spring is the right time to get the plants out and to enjoy their green leaves and colorful flowers. When temperatures exceed 0 ° C it is time to start decorating the patio or balcony. You need to pay attention because after a long period in which plants had constant interior light and heat, now they need to readjust to external conditions.

Why you can not simply get the plants out?

Potted plants usually does not resist to temperatures below 0 ° C. For this reason, they are stuffed inside during winter. But when the weather gets warm, the pots must be taken out quickly. But you should pay attention to this process. After winter, where plants were used with constant temperatures of over 10 ° C, they need help to be able to cope with the fluctuating temperatures in the garden. Plants must gradually adapt to windy and sunny conditions otherwise their growth can be slowed and the leaves and shoots can suffer burns. The transfer can be done in mid May.

Preparing for outdoor exposure

Before getting the plants outside you must keep in mind a few things. To do this, remove the plants from the pot and remove a third of the old soil. Shorten old roots using scissors. Branches must be reduced so that their size to match the new roots. Only after this the pots can be taken out, preferably in a shady place. If during the night frost occurs, you have to bring them back inside. Through gradual exposure outside, plants will not suffer a shock.

Gradual exposure

The location where the plants will be placed must be protected from wind and semidarkness.

Plants should be placed in the new environment gradually to avoid suffering from climatic differences. First, the plant should stay in a semidarkness place. Then you can gradually expose to an increasingly more time in the sun. It is important to consider watering depending on the power of the sun. That means that the plant should receive more water as the sun is strongest. The transfer from the indoor to outdoor is done completely usually around the 15th of May.

Image Credits: Huffington Post

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