How To Drive Earthworms Out Of Potted Plants

The beneficial role of earthworms to the garden soil is well known. But what to do when they disturb our potted plants?

The earthworms come inside the pots when we repot the flowers and we forget to drizzle the soil.

Sometimes the earthworms are tolerated by the plants and we do not even notice their presence.

But in other cases, earthworms “patrolling” among the roots hinder plant growth, which is why the uninvited guests should be “exiled” out of the pots.

Also, the earthworms can clog the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot – which it’s not good.

How to get rid of earthworms

Ecological solution: Immerse the pot in water heated to 45 ° C for 5-10 minutes. The earthworms will get to surface.

Chemical solution: Spray the plants with a dilute solution of potassium permanganate. The earthworms will get to surface.

Pick the earthworms from the pots surface and throw them outside in the garden. There they will not bother anyone.

Image Credits: Garden Web

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