Healthy Roses Without Using Chemicals. But How?

Here are some secrets to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides in your garden:

We all are concerned in avoiding poisoning our little garden, using less pesticide.

If we talk about roses, the key is prevention, which consists in linking them with plants that have the capacity to remove pests.

Specifically, it is scientifically proven that onion (chives), garlic, chamomile, mint and basil have the ability to remove aphids.

The combination of roses and the plants mentioned above (a very strange one for some people) is very interesting today, when gardens give up the yesteryear purism, heading toward a “vintage” look. In addition, the combination of aesthetic and functional is riding high today.

Marigold flowers, whose roots have the power to remove nematodes from soil, are friends with the roses too. However, if you decided to plant marigold, plant them at a reasonable distance from the roses.
Note that marigolds have a very intense smell and color.

Image Credits: BHG

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