Organic Fertilizer For Houseplants Directly From Your Kitchen

When you make steak, feed your plants too!

It’s so simple!

A natural fertilizer for houseplants, particularly valuable and handy, often passes through your fingers.
It’s about the water resulting from washing the meat.
Careful! Water must be filtered, without cuts or excess blood because their decomposition will cause odors.
Many indoor plants, including the lemon tree, love this fertilizer.


Feeding the houseplants with the water resulting from washing the meat should be occasional, and you should carefully watch the plant reaction.

The resulting water from washing the meat should never be thrown in the sewer, but in the garden.

This fertilizer is a valuable one, but don’t exclude improving the soil with complex fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) that plants need.

Image Credits: Stefan Gourmet

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