How To Protect Potted Roses In The Winter

Large enough pots, with a good quality soil, provide a good environment for roses in the garden. These beautiful flowers can decorate patios, porches or other areas where roses can’t be planted directly into the soil. But how do we protect them in the winter?

The potted roses that remain unprotected in the winter are at risk of freezing much higher than those planted directly in the garden.
They can be protected in designated areas (warehouses, garages, etc.) or by burying.

In warehouses or other designated areas, the pots will be placed when the average temperature will fall below 5 ° C.
If there is a possibility that the temperature inside these areas may fall below – 5 ° C it means that are not suitable for the storage of potted roses in the winter.
An alternative would be to preserve potted roses inside cellars, only during cold months, but be sure to provide careful observation and to prevent the appearance of mold.

A simple and handy option to protect the potted roses over the winter is by burying them in the garden.
Make pot-sized pits in the garden, placing the top of the pot to the ground level.
Place a soil heap over the pot, like you did for the roses planted directly in the garden.
For maximum safety, potted roses will be buried in the garden and exposed on east or south areas away from prevailing winds.

Image Credits: Gardening Stackexchange

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