How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots On Your Balcony

According to specialists in nutrition, salads are a great help for our health, but also for keeping the silhouette. Many people are turning to supermarkets to make their supplies of vegetables and fruit. Considering the fact that you can not be sure that what you buy in a store is 100% natural, it is better to turn to traditional methods, even if it means to get out of your comfort zone. Therefore, we propose you to grow tomatoes in pots on your balcony. It is not hard at all. All you have to do is to follow a few tips, which we will present below.

Tomatoes in pots – bio alternative with a great taste

First of all, you should know that you need seedlings in order to plant tomatoes in pots. For you little balcony tomato garden you need:

– A few small pots or plastic boxes

– Soil purchased from specialty shops, otherwise it is possible that the soil does not meet the requirements of the plant (tomatoes need a soil rich in nutrients, therefore, it indicated that it should contain humus);

– Some deep pots with a diameter of at least 30 cm in order to move the seedlings. On the bottom of each pot you must drill a hole through which excess water will drain and it is necessary to put a saucer under each pot.

– Natural fertilizer made from nettles, if you want to have a rich bio crop. It has at the same time the role of an insecticide.
It is prepared as follows: put 200 grams of nettles in a container, place a heavy stone over the plants, then pour water and let them soak for a month. Then, the resulting liquid is diluted with water, mixing one part of macerated nettles with ten parts of water.

So, once you have bought seedlings, you should keep them in a warm place (temperature above 20 degrees Celsius) and water them regularly. In April or May, you can move them in large pots. For this you need to fill the pots with soil at a rate of 3/4. Then, remove the tomatoes strains from hotbeds and incorporate them into the pot soil, as you can see in the following video. Immediately after planting, you can water them, adding water and the macerated nettles, which acts as a fertilizer.

Once you have planted tomatoes in pots, you have to water them regularly, in order to maintain the soil always. There must be no excess water, nor dryness. In addition, tomatoes need at least six hours of light per day, so place the pots strategically in your balcony.

Do not think that if you have tomatoes pots in your balcony you shouldn’t deal with typical gardening activities! If you want to have a rich harvest, you have to remove the leaves that grow on fruits branches.

Also, as the strain grows, you will need to use small poles (sticks of wood or metal rods) for the plant to remain upright. You need to know and that once the strain has reached a height of 60 cm, you can stop its growth by periodically breaking its peak.

Image Credits: Plant Care Today

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