8 Rarest And Most Expensive Flowers In The World

In order to attract the pollinators, the flowers expose beautiful colors, shapes and flavors. Flowers presented below are part of the elite, unusual flowers, rare and valuable, distinguished by elegant color and shapes.


Price: $ 200,000

Orchids are found throughout the world, the number of orchid species is three times higher than the total number of mammals in the world. The orchid is also one of the oldest plants in the world, dating back 100 million years. But botanists create hybrids that get to sell at astronomical prices. In 2005 the Chinese group Shenzhen Nongke, involved in agricultural research, put on auction an orchid that was the result of 8 years of effort, representing a unique species, which was sold to an anonymous buyer for $ 200,000.


Price: 5000 Euro

In Malaysia, in the Kinabalu National Park, we can find one of the most unique species of orchids. Paphiopedilum rothschildianum blooms once in 15 years, has a huge size and is distinguished by horizontal stripes of flowers and petals in the form of whiskers that reach 1 meter length. This orchid grows in greenhouses and one single piece can cost 100 Euro. If you prefer to be picked from its origin place, you have to fork out € 5,000.


Price: not specified

Amorphophallus titanium is one of the most spectacular plants that are found in the tropics, specifically in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are grown in special greenhouses and are renowned for their massiveness: their inflorescence can reach 3 m circumference, and the biggest weight was recorded at Kew Gardens Conservatory: 91 kilograms. It is also known named Corpse Flower. The flowers are not for sell, but you can find seeds on the market, one single seed reaching up to $ 20.


Price: not specified

The largest flower in the world is situated in the equatorial forests of Sumatra and Borneo, Indonesia. It is a parasitic plant that has a fluorescence that resembles to a piece of raw meat, emanating a smell according to its appearance. The flower only reaches a 1 meter width and a 11 kg weight. It is believed that the plant is endangered and botanists try to grow this plant artificially in specially designed greenhouses. They didn’t get a good result so far.


Price: $ 50

At first glance, you can not distinguish the plant from the surrounding rocks. It is also called “the living stone” has a conical body and two lobes that appear to be stones. When it blooms, between the two lobes rises a flower similar to the chrysanthemum, white and bright yellow. It is one of the most popular and most expensive decorative plants in the world. Naturally, it is found only on the African continent. A packet of 10 seeds costs about $ 50.


Price: $ 30

Although not found in nature, blue roses are obtained artificially and are the most exotic flowers that quickly become the most desired flowers for brides bouquets. Although they were created using paint, since 2004, a team of Japanese researchers introduced the genes of pansies and irises into the roses DNA, producing a rose with a natural shade of lilac. The price of a single piece is about $ 30.


Price: $ 15

Also known as the “bloody heart”, this flower is native to Asia and North America and takes 2-3 years to get to adulthood. It has a maximum length of 100 cm long and the petals have a length of about 31 cm, heart shaped. The variety of colors (pink, red, white) and its unusual shape turned this flower the favorite for all the gardeners all over the world. 40 seeds cost $ 30, depending on seed purity and color.


Price: not specified

Popularly called the “Parrot Flower” because of its obvious resemblance to a parrot, it grows in the northern Thailand, in Burma and in the N-E India. Discovered in 1899, the flower is very rare and amazes because of a fresh scent, besides its unusual shape. The plant is very difficult to grow artificially, its strange shape probably occurs because of a local pollinator.

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