How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seeds – Step By Step Guide

In today’s article we present the easiest way to grow a lemon tree. We all know the benefits of this wonderful fruit, so we believe that everyone should have such a small tree in the house.

You should know that lemon tree blooms outdoors throughout the year in the warm and sunny regions. But if it’s well cared it can make fruit indoors too.

Here’s what you need:

– an organic lemon

– a pot with drainage holes

– fertile soil

– plenty of sun or artificial light

Soil and seed preparation:

Mix the nutrient-enriched soil with water until it gets wet. Fill the pot with soil, making sure to leave a free a portion of 1 or 2 cm from the rim.

Cut the lemon and remove the seeds, taking care in choosing the most vigorous ones. The seed should be cleaned very well of the lemon pulp that remained on it after extraction from the fruit. And let me tell you a secret: the best is cleaned inside your mouth. By comparison, it’s like when you’re eating cherries and you remove the pits clean out of pulp.

Put the clean seed about ½ of its size in the soil (specially prepared for this). A very important aspect: the seed should be dry. Cover it with a layer of pebbles and water the pot.

Growing and caring:

Keep the pot in a bright and warm place, making sure to water the soil from time to time and within 2 weeks you’ll see the sprouts. Repot them when they are quite vigorous.

The lemon tree needs at least 8 hours of light per day. In winter, you can place a small lamp next to the lemon pot.

We’re not ending this article without telling you that lemon flowers are very beautiful and have a strong citrus smell that will provide a natural scent to your room.

Like lots of trees, the lemon tree begins fruiting after the third year, so you you must have patience and your effort will be rewarded accordingly.

Image Credits: Interpolezno

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